Like many small and medium-sized charities, Global Peace Network has remarkably low overhead expenses. None of our directors or officers receives any income from GPN. Our Canadian expenses include engaging an external auditor and receiving occasional legal advice, both of which are necessary to maintain our registered status in Canada. Otherwise, essentially all funds go to our overseas projects such as GPN Healthcare, GPN Streetkids, GPN Clean Water and Doctors for Doctors.


Registered Canadian charities are required to file annual financial reports with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Click here to see GPNs annual reports.

Our first external financial review can be seen here.


Global Peace Network is registered under the Canadian Not-For-Profits Act. To see our registration document, including our objectives, click here, and to see our bylaws, click here.


Our annual general meeting is held within six months of the end of our financial year, i.e. before the end of July each year. All members have the right to receive notification of the meeting, attend the meeting and vote on motions.


The proof is in the pudding! See what your support is doing in some of the poorest countries in the world:

Bryan is currently in his 3rd year of medical school in Leon, Nicaragua. He originally applied coming out of high school from a rural community outside of San Juan del Sur, with limited access to health care. He is already giving back to his family and his community as a very bright medical student and plans to do much more upon his graduation in the coming years.