Upgrades in Ushongo


Ushongo is a beautiful, remote seaside village that depends on fishing and tourism. Although the government and local citizens do a good job with the resources they have, much more is needed to help the village to thrive.

After realizing the hardships faced by primary and secondary aged school children due to a lack of resources to repair their damaged and aging primary-secondary school, GPN Director Sarah Phillips spent the winter upgrading the roof and windows at the primary school. Additionally, the well supplying the school had dried up, so Sarah built a water collection system using the eavestroughs and a two thousand litre water tank.

She also spent time helping the community to complete an unfinished medical clinic. “The community had done well, but was in a bind due to the cost of bringing windows to the remote location,” Phillips explained. As a result, the clinic has been waiting, unfinished for two years while they built up funds. Sarah was able to help them get past this hurdle during her stay, supplying windows and organizing their installation, so that the community can now move on to the electrical and plastering.

While there is still much to be done in Ushongo, the gains to the community in removing educational barriers and in facilitating the completion of the clinic will go a long way in improving the day to day lives of the villagers. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support this important project.