Caring for Street Kids

The common term ‘street kids’ refers to children who live and/or work on the streets. However, the term conceals as much as it reveals. Some street children live with their families, at least occasionally, while others may be orphaned and alone. There are many situations that result in children living on the streets, including domestic violence, HIV/AIDS in the family and, most importantly, poverty. Each child has a unique story, but in all cases they are deprived of education, community, security and guidance. These children are often exposed to sexual exploitation, violence, drugs, and disease.

GPN Street Kids has been assisting street children in Tanzania since 2005, and we have provided more than 300 children and their families with food, shelter, medical care and education. Each child is given the appropriate form of intervention according to his or her unique situation, and in accordance to our child protection policy. In addition to the many children who live with their families, we support more than a dozen who are orphaned or have no known family, and who rely on us completely for their care.