Bringing Health Care to Remote Communities

Since August 2012, GPN Healthcare has operated a rural health care facility to provide medical services to more than 3,000 villagers living in the small community of Kanyama Village, Tanzania. The Kanyama Village Dispensary is operated as a public-private partnership under a memorandum of understanding between GPN, the Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) and the Magu District Council, the government body which oversees health care in this district. The Council is providing staff and medical supplies, while GPN and TAHEA manage the physical infrastructure and support operating expenses. Much medical equipment was generously donated by Rotary International. On average, we see well over a hundred patients each week with such problems as malaria, malnutrition, typhoid fever, HIV/AIDS and musculoskeletal disorders. We also go out into the community to help patients who cannot travel to the dispensary.

As little as $5 will purchase a malaria diagnostic kit and medication to save a child’s life. Your donations also support medicines for the elderly, as well as transportation of patients to distant referral hospitals where they can receive advanced diagnosis and care.

Most recently, we have completed construction of a second clinic, to function as a rehabilitation centre, on the grounds of Magu District Hospital. This will be the first rehabilitation facility in a district of 300,000 people where trauma (especially farm and road accidents) and other musculoskeletal diseases are the leading causes of disability. As testament to our clinical successes, we have been invited by the local governments of two neighbouring districts to establish clinics for their communities. Your support is vital to keeping out network of clinics growing.